Game Information

Publisher Traega Entertainment
Developer Traega Entertainment
Platform PC
Release Date Early Access: 2024
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About Dawn of Defiance

You are the Defier of Gods. Ascend from weak soldier to god-like anti-hero, venturing across the ruined Isles, building impressive temples, and vanquishing the Gods' followers to gain their mythic abilities. Gather resources, construct a base, craft and upgrade your gear, and face down the legendary challenges of the Gods with friends or on your own to survive.


  • Survive the Isles: You awaken on a forgotten shore. Starting from nothing, you must hunt for resources and arm yourself against the many mythical dangers of the Isles.
  • Explore the Ruins: Venture across the Isles, explore landmarks, discover treasure, and take on the Gods' challenges. Grow in strength with each victory through new recipes and upgrades.
  • Customize Your Gear: Select the design of your weapons, craft with a range of ingredients, and build impressive structures that rival the very halls of Olympus.
  • Defy the Gods: Face off against the mighty followers of the Gods, complete altar challenges, and prevail on the Isles. Only then will you prove yourself in the name of Defiance.
  • Band Together: Undertake this deadly odyssey on your own, or recruit up to three friends to aid your journey at any time in online cooperative multiplayer.

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