Game Information

Publisher Systemic Reaction
Developer Systemic Reaction
Platform PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date Generation Zero - Mar 26, 2019
FNIX Rising Expansion - Jun 23, 2020
Resistance Update - April 27, 2021
Landfall Update - February 8, 2022
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About Generation Zero Landfall Update

Systemic Reaction has released the free “Landfall” update for the open-world co-op action game Generation Zero on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation®4. “Landfall” introduces the Soviets, a third faction hostile to both the Resistance (players) and the FNIX machines, opening the battlefield to new strategic possibilities as players can pit two enemy groups against one another.

Landfall Features:

  • New Soviet War Machines: A third faction arrives with two new machine types: the Soviet Lynx and Wolf, each designed with unique ways to challenge players and dominate the battlefield.
  • Base Building Rewards: All players get a free pack containing a range of base-building items.
  • New UI Improvements: Players will discover more storage and resource capacity, as well as a new weapon wheel to quickly swap between gear, increasing the number of equipment slots.
  • New Map Revamps: The South Forest region has been redesigned with a ton of changes to enhance environmental storytelling.

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